Common Questions about Cirro Energy Joining the NRG Family of Companies and operating under U.S. Retailers LLC

Q: Who are U.S. Retailers LLC and NRG?
Q: Will I continue to receive my bill from Cirro Energy?
Q: Will there be any changes to my bill as a result of Cirro operating under U.S. Retailers
Q: Will my Cirro contract or electricity rate change as a result of this announcement?
Q: Will I need to create a new online account with Cirro Energy?
Q: Where can I find Cirro Energy's new W9 form?
Q: I schedule my payments through my bank, will I need to update this information?

Common Questions Asked by Cirro Energy Customers

Q: If I switch, will the reliability of my electric service change?
Q: Do all Texans have the power to choose their electric provider?
Q: What does Texas electric choice mean to me?
Q: How does Cirro Energy help me save on my electric bills?
Q: If I switch, will my new electricity be as reliable as before?
Q: What happens if my Retail Electric Provider (REP) goes out of business?
Q: If I switch, where will my electricity come from?
Q: Who do I call if my power goes out?
Q: How do I read my meter?
Q: What are your payment options?
Q: Is there a fee to pay with a credit or debit card?
Q: Are my online payments secure?
Q: How can I protect myself from electricity fraud?
Q: Do you offer Paperless eBill or a Bill Notice?
Q: What type of credit and debit cards do you accept?
Q: Are there ways to reduce my electricity usage?
Q: How long does it take a payment to post to my account?
Q: How long does it take to start my service with Cirro Energy?
Q: Can I sign up more than one address for electricity service?