8 thermostat energy-saving
tips to help you save money

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Whether you’re looking for energy-saving tips for winter or summer, it’s your thermostat that takes center stage. Use less energy and save more money all year long by reconsidering the type of thermostat you use, adjusting its settings properly and getting in the right habits. Here are 8 tips to make sure you get the most out of your thermostat and reduce your energy costs.



Adjust thermostat settings while asleep or away. Set your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees higher in the summer or lower in the winter from its normal setting for 8 hours a day to save up to 10% a year on your heating and cooling costs.


Aim for an energy-efficient setting while at home. The Department of Energy (DOE) recommends settings of 68 degrees in winter and 78 degrees in summer for a balance of comfort and energy efficiency.


Automate your settings. Use a programmable thermostat or smart thermostat to make temperature adjustments a snap.


Be patient. Don’t crank the heat up or the air conditioner down to achieve a desired temperature faster. It doesn’t work, and it will result in wasted energy and higher electricity bills.


Take control, anytime. Off from work early and want your home cooled when you get there? Forgot to turn your heat down before a road trip? No problem—smart thermostats can be controlled remotely using your smartphone or other Internet-connected device.


Check the batteries. For battery-operated thermostats, monitor the batteries—if they aren’t charged, your heater and air conditioner won’t function properly.


Consult an expert. To ensure your thermostat is working correctly, have your HVAC specialist check it whenever you have your heater or AC serviced.


Rely on your thermostat less. One of our favorite energy-saving tips for winter thermostat settings involves not using your thermostat so much. Instead of inching up the temperature, try wearing more layers around the house and use extra blankets at night.

And there you have it: 8 easy thermostat energy-saving tips to help you lower your usage and energy bill, no matter the season.

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