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Cirro offers multiple types of payment programs. To learn more about these programs call a customer care representative at 1-800-MY-CIRRO.
If you do not have your account statement handy, you can always visit your My Cirro account at to view all of your up to date account details. You can also call us at 1-800-MY-CIRRO to retrieve your account balance.
Yes. Cirro offers Paperless Billing, as well as traditional bill delivery via the USPS. Sign up for Paperless Billing today to start sending your bill straight to your inbox, instead of your mailbox.
In the even you experience an outage, please call the outage number for your local TDSP that can be found here.
Cirro Energy offers several convenient ways to pay your bill including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. In addition you can mail your payment to the remittance in your monthly statement as well as at Western Union and Fidelity Express walk up payment locations.
Yes. Your privacy is of the utmost importance. Cirro Energy website is secured by encryption to secure all web transactions.
Credit and debit card payments post to your account immediately. Bank account payments may take up to 2 business days to post to your account after a payment is made.
Yes. We offer the option to change your desired start date; however, this change is not available online. Please call us at 1-800-MY-CIRRO.
Yes, you can sign up new locations in addition to your existing Cirro Energy service.
Unfortunately fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in every industry in the U.S., and the electricity marketplace is no exception. The most common types of fraud involve the scammer calling or emailing claiming to represent an electricity company and threatening to disconnect service unless a payment is made on a prepaid credit card. Cirro Energy does not call or email its customers and request that money be put onto a prepaid card and provided verbally over the phone. If you receive a call requesting payment on a prepaid credit card, we recommend you do the following:
  • Do not provide your personal information to the caller
  • Document the call - date, time, specifics given and a phone number if displayed on a caller ID
  • Disconnect the call
  • Contact your local police department to file a complaint
If you receive a suspicious email, we recommend you delete the email without following any links or opening any files included with the email. You can always validate any call or email by contacting us at 1-800-MY-CIRRO.
You will not be without power. You should receive a notice from your REP giving you time to select a new provider. However, if that does not happen, your service will be provided by the Provider of Last Resort (POLR) until you select a new provider.
It means you have the power to choose your electricity service provider. It is referred to as deregulation, and it’s the result of Texas Senate Bill 7 – which enabled the state to restructure its electric utility industry.

Notice — Certain customers may be eligible to apply for the following designations based on their medical status or the nature of the business:

  • •   Critical Care Residential Customer: A residential customer who has a person permanently residing in his or her home who has been
          diagnosed by a physician as being dependent upon an electric-powered medical device to sustain life.
  • •   Chronic Condition Residential Customer: A residential customer who has a person permanently residing in his or her home who has
          been diagnosed by a physician as having a serious medical condition that requires an electric-powered medical device or electric heating or
          cooling to prevent the impairment of a major life function through a significant deterioration or exacerbation of the person’s medical
  • •   Critical Load Public Safety Customer: A non-residential customer for whom electric service is considered crucial for the protection or
          maintenance of public safety, including but not limited to hospitals, police stations, fire stations, and critical water and wastewater
  • •   Critical Load Industrial Customer: An industrial customer for whom an interruption or suspension of electric service would create a
          dangerous or life-threatening condition on the retail customer’s premises.

You can apply for the applicable designation, which affords certain protections. Please contact Reliant for more information. Critical Care Residential Customer and Chronic Condition Residential Customer designations require an application your physician completes and submits to your transmission and distribution utility (TDU) on your behalf. Critical Load Public Safety Customer and Critical Load Industrial Customer designations require you to complete an application with your TDU:

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